By Stephen A Duncan

With the bed side alarm going off at five this morning, summer vacation officially came to a close for me. I now must act responsible and pretend at my age I’m a productive citizen of society again. I will need to go to bed earlier too.


Over the last week, in an effort to eradicate myself from vacation mode driving and back into a professional behind the wheel, I found myself early Sunday morning driving by the fairgrounds. Six lanes of traffic were all proceeding at break neck speed through the intersection.

A loan bicyclist ran the traffic light into oncoming traffic. I hurriedly down shifted the hot rod and quickly came to a crawl as I watched in disbelief this young man on his very expensive racing type bicycle slowly decided which lane he was wanted to use. It was obvious he wasn’t bound by any rules of the road. Not even traffic lights. He owned the road. Rules don’t apply here.

As I turned the corner, I found myself, lowering the passenger window.

“You sir, give all bicyclist a terrible reputation with the way you ride a bike.”

I analyzed the rider closer from the side and I could tell he was much older than his mid twenties. Having delivered a well deserved blistering reprimand I pulled away and looked in my rear view mirror. The bicyclist shifted his weight off the handlebars and came to an upright seated position. He then flipped me off with what I will simply call… twin “birds,” one “bird” for each hand.

I know we sometimes say, “There is two sides to every story, or you hear politicians say “On the other hand.” Or better yet, “Where are the police when you need one?”

We as a society, for some reason excuse or allow the blatant disregard for the laws on our highways and byways. For some reason we keep our collective mouth shut. So then, law breakers continue to push the envelope. There is no consequence to the law breaker’s conduct.

Let this twit try moving into the middle of a checkout line at the grocery store and see how far he gets? If we don’t allow appalling behavior in a checkout line, why should I excuse the behavior of this egotistical, self absorbed, snot on the ten speed bike?

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