By Duncan

I was living in a woman’s world. I was walking around in one of those Home Goods Stores where they sell… well, you know… home goods. Bedding, knick-knacks, a little bit of furniture, tables, lamps, area rugs, photographs and wall mirrors… you know the drill. With a new home under our belt we need, we need, we need! Anyway, I know I normally have a long wait while TW does some serious shopping (looking) in one of these places.


I normally will look at various tables, chairs, sofas and I like looking at the area rugs hanging from the ceiling on those big heavy frames that hold 50 rugs at a time and wonder what this display thing has got to weigh.


Then, I look for a comfortable chair to sit and watch the shopping styles of the women in the store. Some are real serious shoppers and are only looking for something specific. Others seem to want to look at everything. Some woman will touch nothing while others seem to feel the need to touch everything. Some of the women are older and mature about shopping and others are young and seem to think everything in the store is a treasure.


I decided to sit in what looked like a comfy upholstered chair sitting on a raised platform about a foot. I crossed my legs leaned into the corner of the chair, found a position that was acceptable and began watching the shoppers.

First up was a heavy woman who was holding on to the shopping cart for support as she moved through the aisles. Her friend or sister or neighbor was following closely behind. I wasn’t sure the relationship except they seem to want to confer on every item they examined. While I was watching the shopping style of these two women some guy was busy behind me looking at a storage unit that goes at the end of a bed where you can put blankets or clothes in the space and use it to sit on and tie your shoes. This man seemed to need room so I turned and asked him if I needed to move. He said, “Oh no… I just noticed the top on this is loose and needs to be fixed.” He moved on behind me and I lost track of him.


I moved to a different part of the store to see if a different chair would be more or less comfortable. I noticed that guy who was looking at the storage cabinet behind me earlier shopping with another man. They were about fifty feet away from me and couldn’t hear what they were saying; except it was clear they each had their own opinion about the chairs and the couches. They decided to sit on a couch. As they did, the guy who was behind me earlier started looking around the store and noticed that I had moved to a different chair. I looked away as if I might be considered imposing on their privacy. He then moved off the couch to a chair and sat in it for a few minutes. He then moved to a couch across from me and asked me if the chair I was sitting in was more comfortable than the first one I had tried. I told him the first one was way more comfortable. He acknowledged my appraisal.



I also had my eye on a younger woman who was with her girlfriend. She was wearing a strapless top and was very well endowed. She would pull up the top every few minutes and adjusted the twins back into place. I will admit I was thinking this could turn into a wardrobe malfunction right here in the Home Goods store, I didn’t want to miss the show.

However, she moved down an isle out of the view of my easy chair. I was brought back to reality when the shopping man was asking what I thought was the most comfortable chair in the store. I told him I wasn’t a reliable critic of living room furniture. I told him I enjoyed observing the different shopping styles of the women in the store from any comfortable chair. He told me his name was Ron and he was in this very store a few months back and talked to the Smucker’s guy.

I wasn’t sure what he meant, so I asked… “The Smucker guy, the owner of Smucker’s… is that what you mean?

“No, Willard… the weather guy on TV.

“Do you mean Willard Scott, who did the Smucker’s commercials and birthdays tributes to very old people on the Today show years ago, that Willard Scott?”

“Yes, that Willard Scott, he was sitting in that chair you are sitting in right now. He was just sitting there all by himself. He was in the store with a woman who would come over and ask his opinion of things… I don’t think they were married she looked more like a care giver or house keeper or something like that… I noticed him sitting in the chair and he looked like a guy who was lost.”

“I then realized that’s Willard Scott. Here he is, this big time TV star, everyone is walking past him and not paying any attention to him.” Ron took out his cell phone and started fingering through his photograph. He had hundreds of photographs on his cell phone and was having problems finding the photograph he wanted to show me. I said something like … “You really need to organize your photographs.” Finally he found the photograph. He turned the cell phone toward me and said, “I walked up to him and told him I didn’t want to be a bother but I wanted to let him know I always enjoyed his stuff when he was on TV.” Ron said Willard lit up like a Christmas tree. It was as if he was noticed again and was valued. Ron asked him if he could take a photograph with him… and Willard said, “Of course you can.”

I asked Ron if he would e-mail me the picture… “Sure.” I gave Ron my e-mail address and bingo it was on my cell phone.



“What is your last name Ron?”

“It doesn’t matter.” He said… Ron also continued, “I even have a photograph of Julia Roberts in Tampa.” I looked at it… it was very blurry and fuzzy and I wasn’t sure it was her…

“Sure it is…” Ron was insistent that he had a photograph of Julia Roberts in a Tampa Store, blurry as it was. What were you doing in Tampa? “It doesn’t matter.”

About that time a very attractive woman walked by and noticed us looking at pictures on his cell phone. She smiled softly and kept walking. “That’s my wife I’ve been married to her for 32 years.” Well, with that news, it was time for us to head out the door for the next shopping experience. We had just had an afternoon shower and the South West Florida sun was out again.

When I arrived home, I looked up our friend Mr. Willard Scott on line… Great Scott! Willard Scott has tied the knot with his girlfriend Paris Keena. The Today show announced on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 the Today veteran, 80, and his longtime love said “I do” in Fort Myers, Fla., on April Fool’s Day. Willard first met his bride when she was working for NBC’s Washington affiliate, WRC, in 1977. Scott joined the Today show in 1980 as its weatherman and went into semi-retirement in 1996 after being replaced by Al Roker. He continues to appear on the network from the Fort Myers studio, WBBH, giving birthday tributes to viewers, which is still sponsored by Smucker jellies. Scott and Keen have waited over a decade to get hitched, and it seems they are in no rush to honeymoon either. “Our whole life has been a honeymoon,” Keena told Today.



As for Ron, the guy in the store who didn’t want to give his last name… when I ran my cursor over his e-mail address his full name appeared on my screen. I then performed a Google search with his first and last name and the words Fort Myers, Florida in the search.



His history showed on a Linked-in web site and I now know why he was evasive. He is involved in retail loss prevention as well as being a youth pastor. Was he watching me to see if I was going to steal something or thinking I was casing the joint? It doesn’t matter.”

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