IN THE FIRST MINUTE: THE INTRODUCTION – My name is George R Duncan. Dad was known as “Ronnie” all his young life until he started working at Allison Division of General Motors in Indianapolis, Indiana. How his name was changed unfolds in the first minute of the Podcast.

2:13 – Born in Lakefield, Quebec Canada.

3:30 – First male child – inherit the farm.

4:00 – Canada needed strong people to move to Canada.

5:00 – Church in Canada – Social meeting place. Woman in the choir.

6:00 – Mom (Ethel) got Dad into GMI. Then began working or Allison, in Indianapolis.

7:00 – Dad worked in Indianapolis for 6 weeks and back to Flint for 6 weeks.

7:30 – Indiana Roof Ballroom – Wants to dance?

8:30 – Fast motor scooter – Did you marry her?

9:00 – Let’s move to our own home (822 Kappas Street)

9:30 – Two kids – Steve and Becky.

10:20 – Lost home on Kappas to I-70. Then out to Pike Township.

11:00 – Dad moved to the home on 56 street in 1956.

11:30 – Now living in Southwest Florida

13:22 – How old are you right now?

13:50 – Are you planning on being 100 years old.

14:40 – How have you lived so long?

16:00 – Let’s have a good time – let’s go to a dance.

16:30 – Let’s find a new home.

17:25 – Now you are in Florida. Why Florida?

18:30 – 20 years ago who would have thought? Move in with me.

19:40 – Rebecca needs to see me before I leave this earth.

21:00 – Let’s end the Podcast. Anything you want to say?

22:00 – The story you want to hear at church?

22:45 – Good by Gracie –

23:25 – Good by George.

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